Academic Calendar 2022-2023

International Studies Certificate


Subject:  Administered by the International Programs Office, in partnership with the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.
Plan:  Consists of 15.00 units as described below.
Program:  The Plan, in combination with a Bachelor’s degree from Queen’s University, will lead to a Certificate in International Studies.

1. Core
A. Complete 6.00 units from the following:6.00
INTS_Queen's_Study_Abroad Course List
Transfer credit from a course(s) obtained during a study abroad experience at a recognized university outside Canada.
Course(s) obtained during a study abroad experience obtained at Bader College (formerly the BISC).
2. Option
A. Complete 3.00 units from the following:3.00
B. Complete 6.00 units from the following course list:6.00
Total Units15.00

3. Notes

A. No more than 6.00 units of core and option courses may be counted toward the requirements of both the Certificate and another Arts and Science Program.

B. No more than 6.00 units of core and option courses (typically requirement 1.A.) may be transfer credits from outside Queen’s University.

International Studies Course Lists

The following lists contain courses offered through several Departments. In accordance with Academic Regulation 2.5 (Access to Classes), students do not have enrolment priority in all of these courses. Access to these courses may only be made available during the Open Enrolment period, and then only if space permits.


Cross-cultural courses in the Certificate in International Studies
IDIS 302Race and Racism3.00
INTS 306Culture, Identity and Self3.00
INTS 307Intercultural Relations3.00
LLCU 110Linguistic Diversity and Identity3.00
LLCU 111Introduction to Cultures3.00
LLCU 201Introduction to Romance Philology3.00
LLCU 205The Cultures of a Nation3.00
LLCU 209Rio de Janeiro: the Marvelous City3.00
LLCU 210Italy and the Classical Tradition3.00
LLCU 214Mafia Culture and the Power of Symbols, Rituals and Myth3.00
LLCU 244Hips Don't Lie?: Music and Culture in Latin America3.00
LLCU 247The Dynamic History of Spain3.00
LLCU 248Spanish American Cultural Contexts3.00
LLCU 249Latin Lovers: Love, Sex and Popular Culture3.00
LLCU 301Oral Tradition and Innovation in Cultural Transmission3.00
LLCU 308From Fellini to Benigni3.00
LLCU 309The Films of Pedro Almodóvar3.00
LLCU 319Roots of Fascism: Resistance to Liberalism in the 19th Century3.00
LLCU 320Fascism in Europe from Napoleon to Hitler3.00
LLCU 322Conflict and Culture: Literature, Law, and Human Rights3.00
LLCU 326Film in the New Europe3.00
LLCU 327Sickness and Health - Cultural Representations in Medical Discourse3.00
LLCU 328Gender, Development and Film in Latin America3.00
LLCU 329Uncanny Encounters: Narrative Analysis of the Fantastic Genre3.00
LLCU 340European Romanticism3.00
LLCU 354Women's Voices in Latin America3.00
LLCU 358Film and Politics in Argentina3.00
LLCU 495Special Topics I3.00


Queen’s courses that meet the study-abroad requirement of the Certificate in International Studies
ARTH 245Art & Architecture in Venice6.00
ARTH 380Venice and its Biennale: Global Circuits of Contemporary Art6.00
BADR 100Thinking Locally3.00
BADR 101Acting Globally3.00
CLST 409Archaeology Fieldwork Practicum II6.00
DEVS 305Cuban Culture & Society6.00
DRAM 271
DRAM 273Medieval Drama Performance3.00
LLCU 432Field Research Practicum at Fudan University6.00


Courses must develop competence in at least one of the following skills: reading, writing, or speaking and listening in a language other than English
LLCU 101Beginning Indigenous Language and Culture I3.00
LLCU 102Beginning Indigenous Language and Culture II3.00
*Excluding GREK 430.