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ARAB 201  Intermediate Arabic (Modern Standard)  Units: 3.00  
This course seeks to introduce students to more advanced grammatical structures, to develop reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking skills.
Learning Hours: 120 (36 Lecture, 84 Private Study)  
Requirements: Prerequisite ARAB 100/6.0 or permission of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Exclusion ARAB 200/6.0.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science  

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Construct meaningful and grammatically correct sentences appropriate to course level in writing and in speech.
  2. Understand the general idea of a reading text or passage, be able to guess the meaning of new words based on context and use of a dictionary.
  3. Translate learned texts and level-appropriate sentences from Arabic to English and vice versa.
  4. Produce correct pronunciation in speech, be more comfortable in conversational settings and express ideas effectively about daily life's topics.
  5. Be familiar with basic structures of formal and colloquial Arabic, and be able to use each according to its own setting.