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CANC 380 Evolutionary Biology of Cancer

CANC 380  Evolutionary Biology of Cancer  Units: 3.00  

This online course is designed to introduce students to cancer as an evolutionary problem. The material is unique in that it emphasizes the impact of the immune system in fighting cancer while at the same time shaping tumour cell evolution. Students will need to synthesize the impact of factors present in the tumour microenvironment.
NOTE Also offered online.

Learning Hours: 120 (72 Online Activity, 48 Private Study)  
Requirements: Minimum 3rd year (Level 3) standing and one of (MICR 270/3.0; MICR 360/3.0; MICR 386/3.0) and one of (BCHM 270/3.0; BCHM 218/3.0).  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences