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CRSS 456 Molecular and Cellular Basis of Cardiovascular Disease

CRSS 456  Molecular and Cellular Basis of Cardiovascular Disease  Units: 3.00  

An intensive course surveying the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of the major cardiovascular diseases, and the current and emerging tolls used in their diagnosis and treatment. Alterations in signalling, metabolism, and structure and function will be discussed to present an integrative view of how cardiovascular diseases develop and progress.
NOTE Priority given to students in the CRSS Sub-Plan.

Requirements: Prerequisite Level 4 and Registartion in a LISC Major or Specialization Plan and a GPA of 2.5 and [(PHGY 215 and PHGY 216) or PHGY 214 or PHGY 212 or PHGY 210].  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences  

Biomedical and Molecular Sciences

...recent literature. 3 hour seminar. Equivalent of CRSS 456. Winter term; D.H. Maurice. PREREQUISITE...