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FREN 499 Apprentissage et enseignement du français langue seconde

FREN 499  Apprentissage et enseignement du français langue seconde  Units: 6.00  

The goal of this course is to provide senior undergraduate students pursuing a career in education with the opportunity to practice teaching the French language. As part of their weekly teaching practicum, students will be responsible for leading tutorials under the supervision of the course coordinator. Coursework will emphasize evidence-based methods for the effective teaching of a second language.
NOTE This course is exclusively for Concurrent Education students who have completed the Con-Ed prerequisites in the Faculty of Education and who have completed an application and been interviewed in the spring prior to the year in which they will be enrolled in the course.

Learning Hours: 240 (36 Seminar, 84 Practicum, 120 Private Study)  
Requirements: Prerequisite {PROF 110/3.0 and ([PROF 210/3.0 or CURR 395/1.5] and PRAC 210/1.5) or (PROF 211/1.5 and PRAC 211/1.5) and (FREN 230/3.0 and FREN 241/3.0 and [FREN 342/3.0 or FREN 343/3.0]) and permission of the Department}.  
Course Equivalencies: FREN 499, FREN 499B  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Science