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GLPH 271  Global and Population Health  Units: 3.00  
In this course, the learning emphasis will be on global and population health, instead of the health of individuals. As a discipline, global and population health prioritizes partnerships and resource sharing, instead of unilateral relationships, as well as having an important focus on advocacy.
NOTE Also offered online.
Learning Hours: 114 (36 Online Activity, 78 Private Study)  
Requirements: Minimum 2nd year (Level 2) standing or permission of the instructor.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences  

Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. Recognize health as a human right in order to identify opportunities to demonstrate social responsibility and service.
  2. Integrate social and physical determinants of health to assess the unique needs of special populations.
  3. Draw on examples of successful interventions and best practices to assess the community’s access to resources and design a well-informed health advocacy plan.
  4. Identify and engage the appropriate stakeholders to develop consensus on the rationale and execution of a health advocacy plan.