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MICR 450  Principles of Molecular Virology  Units: 3.00  
Further study of contemporary virology, using the textbook as a guide to particles, genomes, replication, expression, infection and pathogenesis. Emphasizing reading and writing to develop skills in observation and critical thinking, important attributes in understanding the scientific method.
NOTE Offered in alternate years to MICR 451/3.0.
Requirements: PREREQUISITES BIOL 205/3.0 and (MICR 221/3.0 or MICR271 with a minimum grade of B-) and (Level 4 and registrationin the LISC Major or Spec. Plan) and (a GPA of 2.5). COREQUISITE BCHM 310/6.0 or BCHM 315/3.0.  
Offering Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences