The new year brings a new beginning. It signals a new start for anyone making new year’s resolutions. It is considered a blank slate.

The opportunity and the optimism of this time of year are cherished. But they also suggest that the year that will follow is somehow unimpacted by the year that came before it. Of course, this could not be farther from the truth. What will happen in any given year is unassailably impacted by the past.

Knowledge of this truth is nonetheless perhaps the best thing  we can take into a new year. We should recommit to the values we hold dear, build on our past successes, and learn from the challenges we have faced or are still facing. Why wouldn’t we take advantage of this knowledge created by our past?

Much is said about the wisdom and the clarity that develops as we age. As each year inevitably does, 2024 will include both good and bad. Let’s harness the confidence and the strength generated by our past successes and the insights from prior challenges to face the year head on in a manner that is true to our values. Like the benefits of aging, let’s look upon this new year as an opportunity for our past experiences to pave the way for the next year.

The new year is a time of opportunity and a time of optimism. This is still true if we embrace what came before it. 2024 will undoubtedly bring many surprises – some positive and some challenging – but we can look ahead with confidence from lessons learned in the past and we can enter the new year with the power this generates. Whatever happens, 2024 can be a great year because of everything that led up to it.

Welcome back, and happy new year everyone. 

John J. Heney Award recipient

By: Patrick Galloway, Senior Analyst Lead, Business Analysis

Last month, at the Advancement Holiday Staff Reception, Kelly Colby was announced posthumously as the 2023 John J. Heney Award recipient. This award aims to recognize exceptional performance contributing to the success of the Office of Advancement.

Kelly’s dedication to Advancement is why she is this year's well-deserved recipient. The endorsements from her peers underscore the profound impact of her recent contributions. For those fortunate enough to have worked with Kelly, it's evident that she consistently went above and beyond, and the challenges of hybrid work only elevated her commitment.

Harry S. Truman once said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” Kelly exemplified this sentiment. Many of her achievements went unnoticed, a testament to her humble preference for letting her work speak for itself. She embodied compassion, dedication, and initiative beyond the standard call of duty.

Kelly's family felt honoured upon learning of her well-deserved recognition. It marks an exceptional moment of acknowledgment for such a deserving individual.

The Flynn Award recipients 

The T. Geoffrey Flynn Advancement Champion Award is presented annually to honour a member of the Queen’s community who has made a significant contribution to linking Queen’s University’s advancement activities with research and teaching excellence at Queen’s.  
The 2023 T. Geoffrey Flynn Advancement Champion Award recipients are the dedicated and exceptional members of the University Secretariat and Legal Counsel:

•    Rebecca Coupland, Executive Director, and Interim Secretary
•    Anne Martineau, Associate Director
•    Kathleen Julien-Michels, Business Manager    
•    Amanda Fulker, Coordinator, Finance and Legal Administration (on leave)  
•    Khadija Merchant, Coordinator, Finance and Legal Administration     
•    Patricia Ballenas, Policy Analyst, EDII
•    Office of the University Secretariat
•    Chelsea Cusack, Governance Officer for Board of Trustees and University Council
•    Karen Logan, Governance Officer for the Senate and university-wide policy    
•    Terri Flindall, Governance Engagement and Special Projects Officer    
•    Chelsey Sisson, Administrative Assistant    
•    Lon Knox, General Counsel    
•    Melissa Seal, Legal Counsel 
•    David Bruce, Senior Legal Counsel 
•    Carolyn Heald, Director, University Records Management and Chief Privacy Officer
•    Jordan Phoenix, Records Manager
•    Aurora Drummond, Legal Assistant    

The University Secretariat and Legal Counsel serves as a crucial link between Advancement and the university's governance structure, and they embody excellence and collaboration fundamental to our success. They consistently go above and beyond and their meticulous attention to detail, remarkable problem-solving skills, collaboration, and dedication are a testament to their commitment to delivering exceptional service. Understanding the significance of Advancement, they demonstrate unwavering support through tireless efforts to enhance our collective work.

The University Secretariat and Legal Counsel staff's indispensable role in the daily operations of our Office of Advancement Office has had a profound impact. Their exceptional contributions empower us to achieve our objectives, and today, we celebrate their dedication as they rightfully receive the Flynn Award.

Thank you, University Secretariat and Legal Counsel staff for your leadership, drive, and passion. 


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