Fundraising Support for AMS Student Groups

The Office of Advancement and the Alma Mater Society (AMS) have worked together to develop resources to help students navigate their fundraising options.

If you are exploring ways to raise money for your group, your main options are fundraising, sponsorship, and grants.

Queen's University benefits greatly from the ongoing generosity of our alumni and benefactors, who provide significant monetary support for student-related events, programs, and services on an annual basis.

Queen’s has an online charitable fundraising site that is managed by the Office of Advancement. All qualified donors who make a gift via this website are issued a charitable receipt.

See Queen’s Policy on Control and Use of the Charitable Number.

We recommend that groups contact the AMS - Alumni Relationship Coordinator to review their fundraising plans before applying.

Contact How they can help

AMS Alumni Relationship Coordinator

The AMS Alumni Relations Coordinator provides support and guidance to ratified student clubs.

They can help you reach out to different organizations, make connections, and ask for support through sponsorship packages.

They provide advice on applying for AMS grants.

Gift Services

The Gift Services Team reviews all Charitable Receipting Request applications.

They provide advice to applicants on what activities are charitable.

Annual Giving

613-533-6000 x77572

Once an application for Charitable Receipting Support has been approved, Annual Giving will connect Student Groups with the resources they need to execute their fundraising plans.


Office of Advancement issues charitable receipts on behalf of Queen’s University.  Gift Services is responsible for ensuring that all charitable fundraising activities comply with Canada Revenue Agency laws. Only Canadian registered charities may issue official donation receipts that qualify for charitable tax credits.

If you wish to solicit donations using the giving website or have tax receipts issued on your behalf to donors, you will need to apply for Charitable Receipt Fundraising Support. 

Ratified Student Organizations may solicit donations from family, friends, and alumni under the following criteria:

Your student group must:

  • Be currently recognized and in good standing with the University and/or the AMS
  • Have sound financial management
  • Be capable of successfully executing the fundraising effort
  • Have previously sought funding from on-campus sources

The proposed event, activity, or program must:

  • Be compatible with Queen's University's charitable mission and the group's missions
  • Be executable within Queen's and the AMS's event planning policies and all other requirements of student events
  • Have a detailed and realistic budget

The fundraising effort must:

  • Be targeted toward individuals related to the group or activity
  • Have a specific and reasonable timeline
  • Include a contingency plan, should efforts not be as successful as expected

You must submit a completed Charitable Receipting Support Application to the Office of Advancement in order to qualify for receipting support. 

Request an application

Review the guidelines laid out on this page to determine if your planned activities meet the requirements for charitable receipting.

Step 1: Develop an activity plan and budget that clearly shows how fundraised dollars will be spent.

Step 2: Send proposal plan of activities and budget to Gift Services

Step 3: Once the proposal is received and reviewed, Gift Services will request a meeting. 

Step 4: Revise your proposal, as needed. Many groups end up making changes to their activity, budget, and/or fundraising approach, based on the recommendations of Gift Services.

Step 5: If your application is approved, your group will be contacted by the Annual Giving Team, who will work with you to determine next steps.

Step 6: Begin fundraising effort, following procedures and practices outlined by Annual Giving.

Step 7: Gift Services will provide each group with a financial report at the end of the academic year. Every group must complete the financial report and submit to Gift Services.