Office of Advancement
Office of Advancement

The John J. Heney Award

The John J. Heney Award, established in June, 2001, honours John J. Heney, former Director of Development and recipient of Queen's Distinguished Service Award. Through his professionalism and compassion, John Heney is a role model to all who serve in Advancement at Queen's University.

The John J. Heney Award is presented annually to the Advancement employee who best exemplifies the characteristics of commitment to the Advancement profession, superb performance and devotion to the organization.

John J. Heney Award Recipients
2020 Colleen McGuire
2019 Valerie Robinson
2018 Adam Say
2017 Terri Flindall
2016 Jon Bennett
2015 Marnie Girard 
2014 Carla Ferreira Rodriques
2013 Barb de Haas
2012 Kim Wilkinson & Jodi Snowdon
2011 Tim Wowk & Research Team
2010 Annalisa Boccia
2009 Jeanna Faul
2008 Nikki Remillard
2007 Laura De Luca
2006 Sharon Weiler
2005 Anne Kershaw
2004 Trish Serveau
2003 Paul Finn
2002 Susan Smith
2001 Ken Cuthbertson