University Animal Care Committee (UACC) Membership

Please note that the names of committee members are not publicly posted.

All members on the UACC are either ex-officio roles (sitting on the UACC due to their current role/position) or appointed by the Principal on the advice of the Vice-Principal Research.

UACC members are not publicly posted but as per the Terms of Reference, UACC membership is comprised of:

  • 1 Chairperson
  • 1 UACC Coordinator (ex-officio)
  • 4 members of the Faculty of Health Sciences supporting a range of research fields and models
  • 2 (at least) members of the Faculty of Arts and Science (Departments of Psychology and Biology)
  • 4 members-at-large representing other Faculties, Groups, or Institutions with at least one being an institutional non-animal user
  • 1 (at least) community representative with no conflicting University or animal research, teaching or testing affiliation
  • 1 technical representative (institutional animal care technician or research technician)
  • 4 (at least) ex-officio members consisting of:
    • the University Veterinarian;
    • the Associate Director, Animal Care Services;
    • the Director, Environmental Health & Safety (or delegate);
    • a representative of the Vice-Principal Research;
  • 1 (at least) graduate student