University Veterinarian and Director of Animal Care

Dr. Andrew Winterborn is the University Veterinarian at Queen's University.

While the health and care of animals at Queen's University is the responsibility of animal facility managers, they do so in consultation with the University Veterinarian. As the University Veterinarian on the University Animal Care Committee, Dr. Winterborn is also responsible for the direction of that care and use of animals at Queen's. This includes monitoring animals and animal care facilities and providing veterinary services when necessary.

The University Veterinarian is always available for consultation and to advise investigators and instructors using animals in their work.

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About Andrew Winterborn

Queen’s University Veterinarian - Dr. Andrew Winterborn
     Queen’s University Veterinarian - Dr. Andrew Winterborn

In 2017, Andrew Winterborn was named Veterinarian of the Year by the Canadian Association of Laboratory Animal Science (CALAS/ACSAL).

This award recognized the dedication of Dr. Winterborn within the CALAS/ACSAL organization, which supports and encourages excellence in laboratory animal science both locally and nationally. Candidates are judged according to their dedicated support of CALAS/ACSAL through volunteer efforts, as well as mentorship of other veterinarians, managers and technical staff within the laboratory animal science field.

“I am passionate and dedicated about being a veterinarian and, in particular, about being a laboratory animal veterinarian,” says Dr. Winterborn. “Animal welfare is extremely important to me and is a major component of my position as the University Veterinarian. To be recognized by my colleagues for this work is extremely validating and motivating. I am also very fortunate to work with very dedicated staff, students and colleagues here at Queen’s that are also dedicated to animal welfare.”

That honour came one year after he also earned the Charles River Award for his contributions to the field of laboratory animal medicine from the Canadian Association of Laboratory Animal Medicine (CALAM).

The Charles River award is based on a consideration of innovations or refinements that improve the care and welfare of laboratory animals, advancement of public knowledge or veterinary education with respect to care and use of animals in research, or advances or innovations in facility management or regulatory oversight processes.

A graduate of the University of Montreal in 2005 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, Dr. Winterborn completed his residency at the University of Rochester Medical Centre before joining Queen's in 2009.

During his time at Queen’s, Dr. Winterborn, an acknowledged expert in the handling and care of pre-clinical models, has led a program of enhancements that have resulted in significant renovations including enlarged rooms and housing units. He is also engaged with the animal care staff to discuss their thoughts and ideas.

Internationally, Dr. Winterborn participated in Goats for Widows and Health in Harmony, two programs running in Borneo that focus on providing education on the health management of goats and work with locals to preserve habitat for the continued existence of the orangutan species.