Admin SOP 1.1 - Appeal Mechanism

University Animal Care Committee Standard Operating Procedure

Document No: UACC 1.1

Subject: Appeal Mechanism

Date Issued: September 27, 2023

Revision: Original

Location: Queen’s University

Purpose: The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to define the appeal mechanism to be followed when there is a dispute regarding UACC outcome.


1. Introduction and Definitions:

If a PI does not agree with a final outcome or recommendation of the UACC, there is a defined process that can be followed.



  • University Animal Care Committee UACC
  • Principal Investigator PI
  • Animal Use Protocol AUP

2. Procedures:

In the event a PI does not accept a final outcome of the UACC (including rejection of a submitted protocol for either ethical or scientific reasons), the following process will apply:

  1. The PI may request that the UACC reconsider its decision. This could include the submission of a revised protocol following feedback from the UACC via the UACC Chair. Reconsideration may involve the PI meeting with the UACC so that they may thoroughly review and understand the details of the protocol. The UACC may seek scientific opinions from individuals who are not members of the UACC.
  2. If this does not provide a satisfactory solution, then the PI may appeal to the Vice-Principal Research (the Senior Administrator responsible for the animal care and use program at Queen’s University). The VP Research will then work with both the UACC and the PI to endeavor to find a satisfactory solution.

Date New Version
09/27/2023 Created and Approved


Admin SOP 1.1 - Appeal Mechanism

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