Admin SOP 1.6 - Interim Reviews & Protocol Extensions

University Animal Care Committee Standard Operating Procedure

Document No: UACC 1.6

Subject: Interim Reviews & Protocol Extensions

Date Issued: September 27, 2023

Revision: Original

Location: Queen’s University

Purpose: The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to describe the procedures surrounding the interim review and extension of animal use protocols.


1. Introduction and Definitions:

Interim reviews occurring prior to the next scheduled UACC meeting can be considered for animal use protocols or other documents requiring full UACC approval when adequate justification for expedited time sensitive review is made.


  • University Animal Care Committee UACC
  • Principal Investigator PI
  • Animal Use Protocol AUP

2. Procedures:

Interim Review

In the event that interim review (prior to the next scheduled meeting of the UACC) is required, the PI should submit the protocol following the regular process however communicating approval needs to the UACC Coordinator including clear justification for this request.

The UACC delegates the responsibility of interim reviews to the UACC Subcommittee. Interim approvals are subject to discussion and final approval at a full UACC meeting. Questions and/or additional recommendations may still be provided following the full UACC review.


While the UACC encourages early submission of renewal and full resubmission protocols to ensure continuity of approval, they understand that circumstances may arise where a protocol review might be in progress for a significant amount of time (e.g.: in cases where numerous revisions are requested). Extensions can be requested to support compliance when existing animals are sitting against a protocol, weanlings need to have cage cards generated or in rare cases where animals need to be ordered/received in a time sensitive fashion. The UACC Coordinator can temporarily adjust the renewal or expiry date on the recommendation of the UACC for an amount of time that is suitable to the circumstance (usually no greater than 30 days). Upon approval of the pending renewal the original dates are re-implemented. The 4-year approval cycle for Full Resubmissions will be based on the real time date of approval (not back dated).

Date New Version
09/27/2023 Created and Approved


Admin SOP 1.6 - Interim Reviews & Protocol Extensions

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