Admin SOP 1.8 - Membership Management

University Animal Care Committee Standard Operating Procedure

Document No: UACC 1.8

Subject: Membership Management

Date Issued: September 27, 2023

Revision: Original

Location: Queen’s University

Purpose: The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to define the processes surrounding the management of UACC membership.


1. Introduction and Definitions:

The UACC is mandated by both the CCAC and OMAFRA and is considered a Principal's committee that reports to the Vice Principal (Research) (the senior administration responsible for the Animal Care & Use Program at Queen’s University).


  • University Animal Care Committee UACC
  • Principal Investigator PI
  • Animal Use Protocol AUP
  • Canadian Council on Animal Care CCAC
  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs OMAFRA

2. Procedures:

UACC membership must be adequately managed to continue to meet applicable composition requirements and to maintain the appropriate diversity, experience and expertise for the type and volume of research reviewed.

UACC members are appointed as per the UACC’s Terms of Reference.

  • A Chairperson, nominated by the Vice Principal Research and appointed by the Principal. To avoid potential conflicts of interest the Chair shall not be directly involved in the management of the animal care facilities, be the consulting veterinarian for Queen’s University, or be involved in the preparation of a significant number of the protocols to be reviewed by the UACC.
  • Ex-officio members consisting of the following. Ex-officio members shall be voting members.
    • the University Veterinarian
    • the UACC Coordinator
    • the Director of Environmental Health & Safety (or delegate)
    • a representative of the Vice Principal Research
    • at least one animal facility manager (or designate)
  • Four members of the Faculty of Health Sciences supporting a range of research fields and models. Nominated by the respective Department Heads and elected by the Faculty Board.
  • At least two members of the Faculty of Arts and Science, including one from the Department of Psychology and one from the Department of Biology, nominated by the respective Department Heads.
  • Four members-at-large and/or representatives of other Faculties, Groups, or Institutions as appointed by the Principal on the advice of the Vice Principal Research.
    • At least one institutional non-animal user.
    • At least one member of the community having no conflicting affiliation with the University and who is not/has not been involved in animal use for research, teaching or testing thus compromising their role.
  • One member representing technical staff (an animal care technician or animal research technician).
  • Two graduate students recruited through the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs and appointed in consultation with their respective supervisors.

All non ex-officio appointments are granted through the Principal on recommendation of the Vice Principal Research.

Members will be appointed for terms of no less than two and no more than four years and may be re-appointed for a second term (no more than 8 consecutive years unless special exceptions are required).

Candidates selected to serve on the UACC will receive official appointment letters from the Principal confirming the term.

At their discretion, the UACC Chair or UVet may invite individuals with competence in special areas to assist in the review of issues that require expertise beyond or in addition to that available on the UACC.

A UACC member may resign before the conclusion of their term upon provision of
notice to the UACC Coordinator. A UACC member may be asked to step down if they consistently miss a specified percentage of the scheduled meetings in their term. The UACC Chair may otherwise remove a UACC member at any time, if they are not fulfilling their designated UACC duties in a timely, competent and ethical manner.

Every effort will be made to recruit a similarly qualified replacement prior to the departure of a member to preserve the level of experience and expertise and to
ensure the continuity of the functions of the UACC.

Compensation and reimbursement of expenses for UACC members will be according to organizational policies.

The UACC Coordinator will maintain an updated electronic membership list which is reviewed and updated as required, and with the initiation of new or conclusion/termination of existing terms. UACC membership lists, while maintained and archived within the office of the UACC, will not be made publicly available apart from audit purposes by the CCAC and OMAFRA.

Supporting documents related to membership and signed appointment letters and confidentiality agreements for current and past UACC members will be maintained in the office of the UACC.

Date New Version
09/27/2023 Created and Approved


Admin SOP 1.8 - Membership Management

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