Conservation Science Education Online (CSEO)


Conservation Science Education Online (CSEO) is an online educational resource that specifically aims to overcome challenges in teaching science in cultural heritage.

This resource is designed to aid educators by providing topic modules specifically intended for students, such as those in conservation programs.  The aim is to develop meaningful ways of conveying complex scientific concepts that students need to understand.

The resource provides well-developed case studies, laboratories, and problem-based learning examples tailored for the cultural heritage community. Included are concepts or tasks that can be difficult for students to learn or for educators to teach effectively, but that are deemed critical to the field (referred to as threshold concepts).

An interactive component allows for feedback where contributors are able to constantly develop the site by providing additional information, strategies, images, videos, and anecdotal methods proved to be valuable in teaching. 

This exciting new resource for the science education for cultural heritage allows for an evolving collection of ideas, teaching strategies and educational successes to be housed in one location and shared worldwide.

If you are interested in learning more or contributing, please contact any of the founding organizers (listed below) or write to Access to CSEO will be coming soon. We look forward to hearing from you.

We will be holding an inaugural virtual conference June 14-16, 2022 to showcase educational materials for teaching science in cultural heritage.  We hope you will join us.


  • Alison Murray, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Art Conservation Program, Department of Art History and Art Conservation, Queen's University.
  • Rebecca Ploeger, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Art Conservation Department, SUNY - Buffalo State College.
  • Aaron Shugar, Ph.D., Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Conservation Science, Art Conservation, SUNY - Buffalo State College.
  • Kyna Biggs, Conservation Scientist, Conservation Science and Preventive Conservation Department, Parks Canada, Canada.