All M.A.C. students receive some financial support. Funding is available through Queen's Graduate Awards and other internal awards. Some students may qualify for teaching assistantships in their second year. We also encourage you to apply for external funding.

Internal sources of funding available to students with first class academic standing include:

R.S. McLaughlin/Bracken Fellowships, Senator Frank Carrel Fellowships | Value: $10,000 

These fellowships are awarded by competition within the University. Eligible applicants are entered by ranked list, based on academic merit. McLaughlin awards are restricted to Ontario residents and Carrel Fellowships are available to Quebec residents only. For further information please consult the Student Awards office.

Queen's Graduate Award (QGA) | Value variable 

These discretionary funds are awarded to most M.A.C. students and especially to those students who have received little or no funding from other sources.

Graduate Entrance Tuition Award (GETA) | Value variable 

The value of this bursary is approximately equivalent to first year domestic tuition. One incoming MAC domestic student per year can receive this award, based on academic merit. It is non-renewable.

Queen's International Tuition Award (ITA) | Value: $5,000 

The value of these awards is the difference between the Canadian (domestic) student fees and the International student fees. Students receiving International Tuition Awards during the first year of their graduate program will automatically receive the same award for their second year of Master's studies.

Teaching Assistantships | Value variable 

A number of Teaching Assistantships (TAs) are available through the M.A.C. Program. Duties may include preparation of lab demonstrations, assisting professors in lecture preparation, etc. Teaching Assistantships are usually awarded to second year M.A.C. students. A committee consisting of Program faculty selects students for these positions, based on academic merit and demonstrated skill levels.

Internship Funding 

A limited number of awards are available for MAC students undertaking unpaid summer internships. These include the Isabel Bader Bursary in Textile Conservation, the Vorres Hellenic Fellowship (available through the Department of Classics), the Bamji Art Conservation Award and the Art Conservation Travel Fund. Details and guidelines will be posted during the academic year.

Ken Lockwood Memorial Award | Value variable 

Awarded annually to a student in the Art Conservation Program on the basis of academic merit.

Support for attendance at Professional Meetings | Value variable 

Students may receive financial assistance to attend professional meetings. To be eligible, the student must be presenting a paper or poster and must be the author or co-author of the work being presented. Application for this assistance must be made to the Art Conservation Program. Only one application may be made per year.

General Bursaries | Value variable 

Students in financial need may apply for a general bursary through the Student Awards Office. These emergency funds are intended to assist with an unexpected shortfall in funding. For more information on General Bursaries consult the Student Awards website.