Research Project Posters (2009-2011)

M.A.C. Research Project Posters - 2011

Tasia M. Bulger

The Rupture of Mont St. Hilaire: Instrumental Analysis to Discover the Causes of Deterioration (650 KB)

Catrina Caira
Quantifying Silver Cleaning Techniques Using Non-Contact 3D White Light Profilometry

Amber Harwood

Analysis of the Physical Characteristics of Transparent Cellulosic Nanofiber Paper (240 KB)

Maki Ikushima

A Study of Varnish Coatings for Contemporary Murals in Canada (4.8 MB)

Charles-Emmanuel Messier
The Anti-graffiti Performance of Two Commercially Available Coatings, PSS 20 and Faceal-Oleo HD, on Kingston Limestone

Golya Mirderikvand

Suitability of Aquazol®-Based Filler Materials for Fabric-Supported Paintings Emmanuelle Alexandra Perron The Alteration of Different Types of Mercuric Sulphide Pigments under Light (3.3 MB)

Jennifer Robertson

The Effect of Ozone on Cellulose Strength: Considering Ozone for the Removal of Odour from Paper Artifacts (410 KB)

Kate Sullivan

Comparing X-ray Computed Tomography Images of Corroded Coins with Results from Traditional Cleaning (2.4 MB)

Tessa Thomas

The Long-Term Effects of Mounting Digital Ink Jet Prints to Aluminum and Dibond® Support (640 KB)



M.A.C. Research Project Posters - 2010

Marilyne Beauregard

A Study of the Material and Techniques of Maurice Galbraith Cullen (340 KB)

Alison Cude

TPEN: A Treatment for Iron Gall Ink (2.4 MB)

Stéphane Doyon

The High Altar of Saint-Grégoire-le-Grand in Bécancour: A Case Study of an Early 18th Century Quebecois Tabernacle (1.7 MB)

Emily Leonoff

Ultraviolet Images: A Study of UV Printed Images on Textiles (990 KB)

Meaghan Monaghan
Effects of Concentration and Artificial Ageing on the Strength and Reversibility of Dynamic® 208 Wallcover Adhesive

Tania Mottus

Determining the Suitability of Japanese Washi Paper for Lichen Packet Use in Herbaria Collections Storage (1.5 MB)

Ida Pohoriljakova

The Facts on Flugger Acrylspartel: A Study on the Properties of a Commercial Filler (940 KB)

Hadas Seri

Cyclododecane Aerosol Spray: An Examination into Its Application and Suitability for the Conservation of Glass (1.8 MB)

Rebecca Vodenhnal

Cleaning Acrylic Emulsion Paintings: An Analysis of Abrasive Cleaning Methods (2.5 MB)



M.A.C Research Project Posters - 2009

Melina Avery

The Effect of Aged Varnish on Paper Objects

Cari Anya Ensio

Analysis and Removal of Deposit from the Iron Age Ceramics of Mapungubwe

William Hoffman

Silver Tarnishing Properties of Gloves Used in Conservation

Seth Irwin

A Comparison of Two Soot Removal Techniques: “Dry Ice Dusting: and Rubber-Based Chemical Sponges

Stephanie Jewell

Strengthening and Surface Effects of Various Resin Agents and Methods on Paper

Patrick Quirion

Will There Be Blood? An Investigation in the Materials Used on Painted Québécois Wooden Works before 1950

Christina St. Germain

An Investigation into Characteristics of Wax Varnishes on Acrylic Paint Films

Jessica Veevers

Bob Boyer’s ‘Blanket Statements’: An Investigation of Efflorescence on Layered Oil and Acrylic Media