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Lisa Binkley Awarded Two-Year Fellowship! 

Lisa Binkley has been awarded a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in the Centre for Canadian Studies at Mount Allison University to begin 1 July 2018. Over the tenure of the award, Lisa will be involved in the Centre's outreach, scholarship, and co-curricular programs and she will teach one course per term.
Lisa began her PhD in Art History in September 2012 and successfully defended her thesis, ‘Stitching Settler Identities: Canadian Quilts and their Makers, 1800-1880’, in September 2016. UBC Press has contracted a book based upon her PhD research. Her new research, which she will develop while at Mount Allison, investigates quilts made by Indigenous women during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Ontario and Québec. Moving forward with this research, Lisa will work collaboratively with the Kahnawake Cultural Centre and local quiltmakers to investigate both past and present knowledges thereby bringing together oral histories with contemporary practices of textile art. Lisa’s intention is to establish similar relationships with the Mi’kmaw and Wolastoquyik peoples in New Brunswick. This past winter term, while teaching in Newfoundland, Lisa was able to inaugurate relationships with local Mi’kmaq and Inuit thus enabling further exploration of women’s contributions to the social, cultural, and economic life of their communities.
Lisa Binkley portrait