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Art History PhD Candidate Featured on CFRC's Grad Chat

Isabel discussed her research and this weekend's Context and Meaning graduate student conference. Follow this link to listen: Grad Chat

Art history student Isabel at the Queen's Radio Station

Isabel Luce, PhD candidate, Art History, supervised by Dr Janice Helland.

Topics: Picturing Domesticity: An Investigation of household objects in the Victorian home

Overview: The home has long been considered a refuge from the public sphere; a space where families lived, engaged in leisure activities, fostered intimate relationships, and hosted visitors. This was particularly true of the Victorian middle-class home, and its decoration was constructed strategically to project a family’s social status. Homemaking was a complex task conventionally taken up by the woman of the house who was expected to exercise careful refinement, moderation and good taste in her selections while avoiding accusations of ostentatiousness. My PhD project explores representations of the private sphere of the Victorian home in both Montreal and London, England as an imagined geography and as a discursive space.