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Photograph of Katharine Romba

Katherine Romba

Assistant Professor
Ontario Hall
(613) 533 6000 x74171

Research Interests

Modern architecture, modern art, critical theory, anthropological theory.


Katharine Romba (PhD Institute of Fine Arts, New York University)

Katherine Romba specializes in architectural history with research interests in modern architecture and urbanism. Cultural anthropology has informed her investigations into architectural theory, practice, and experience. Past research includes the study of the social meaning underpinning German engineering theory, and the analysis of humanist Bildung (cultivation) as an important kind of cultural capital circulating in German architectural thought, research that was funded in part by the Canadian Centre for Architecture. In addition to her academic research, she also writes fiction (stories have appeared in the journals Candide and Indiana Review as well as in her own collection entitled The Magistrate's Glass Figures and Other Stories), and she has begun writing magazine articles on the economics of contemporary textile and craft practices.


Recent Publications

Iron Construction and Cultural Discourse: German Architectural Theory

(Saarbrücken: VDM), 2008

Aesthetics and the Professional Identity of the Modern German Engineer

In Proceedings of the Second International Congress on Construction History, Cambridge University, 29 March – 2 April 2006. Vol. 3. Edited by Malcolm Dunkeld et al., 2727-2741. Construction History Society, 2006