Fine Art (Visual Art) Program

Fine Art (Visual Art) Program

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Field Trips

Annual Fine Art (Visual Art) Program Trip to New York City

The annual New York City trip gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the artistic culture of this magnificent city.​

Annual North Adams Trip

The Fine Art (Visual Art) program organizes a highly successful annual trip to a printmaking studio in North Adams (Massachusetts). Students are able to experience large scale print making from start to finish. To support this experience please visit the Support Fine Art page.

2014 North Adams Trip

Queen's University at Gravity Press 2014: Pulling Prints


Queen's University at Gravity Press 2014: Inking Blocks and Lesson


2012 North Adams Trip

Fine Art (Visual Art) program students gather outside Ontario Hall, leaving for the annual fall trip to North Adams for large scale print making.

Students stand for a group photo.

2011 North Adams Trip

North Adams 2011 field trip video (courtesy of Heather Smith, BFA 2012).

2009 North Adams Trip

North Adams 2009 field trip video (courtesy of Jan Winton, BFA faculty). The video showcases the work that goes into creating large scale prints on the field trip to North Adams.