Jan Winton

Associate Professor
B.A. (Waterloo)
613-533 6000 ext. 77353

Portrait of Jan Winton.


Jan Winton has a 30 year practice in Printmaking and Painting.

Her training background began with illustration, (drawing) painting and printmaking (University of Waterloo); Painting and Printmaking; (Caulfield Institute, now part of Monash University, Melbourne Australia) The Toronto Art Therapy Institute; and Open Studio, Toronto: (Etching, Serigraphy, Lithography).

Jan experiments with blended techniques, that incorporate found images, hand drawing and painting, with her photographic works, to produce images full of paradox and double meanings. Her work illuminates the fragile nature of subjectivity, unconscious perception and social interpretation. Repositioning historical and borrowed with her original photos, drawings and themes, Winton asks the viewer to reconsider how they might re construct their own views, given the chance.

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