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Department of Philosophy

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Daphne Brouwer supports student wellbeing and positive mental health by providing students with multiple resources that they can go to in times of need and has also volunteered her own support to help students access resources for the help they need.

Anonymous Student

Mental health determines everything we do in life. Even when thinking that you are doing fantastic, this still involves mental health. And when not doing so great, it can take over your life in ways that is hard to talk about. Mental health is, however, never an individual thing, and the only way to improve it is by sharing it. It is for this reason that mental health should be recognized more, accepted more, and worked on more. Not only for us as students and educators, but also for us as human beings that are trying to stay alive. One day after another. 

Student mental health is one of the most important things here at Queen's University as the institution cannot thrive without students being able to flourish. As educators, it is important to give students opportunities to seek help, to be allowed to speak up, make mistakes, and be given a chance to work on themselves. 

In my own role as an educator, it is important to me that students do not see me in a higher position, but rather that they can recognize that we are all humans with our own little quirks. As such, I open up to my students about the basics of my own mental health and open up space for them to reach out if they need to talk (something which they have always done so far). Another huge factor in supporting mental health, that I have been fortunate enough to be able to provide, is bringing in my service dog. During classes, students are given the opportunity to interact with him when he does not need to work, and this has helped many students to relax. 

I am proud of each and every student here at Queen's University. You are all going through a lot, and this often goes unrecognized as it is hard to speak up on what is actually going on within yourself. Please speak up when things are not going the way you would like them to go, let Queen's know that we need to set up accommodations that allow for you to retake assignments, give you extensions beyond Covid times, and create spaces in which we can all share our stories. 

--- Daphne Brouwer