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Janet Menard


Department of Psychology

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Dr. Menard is a kind and compassionate, and inspiring instructor. When I was struggling with my health, she made it clear that my priority should be my wellbeing. Dr. Menard offered creative and fair accommodations to assignments.

Anonymous Student

I tend to not discriminate between physical and mental health. If your body is not healthy this will affect the way your brain functions, and ultimately your mental health can suffer. The same can happen in reverse. Poor mental health can compromise your physical well-being. This wholistic approach helps me to manage my own mental health and well-being.

I try to take a simple approach to supporting student mental health - be nice, be kind and listen. My primary role, as an educator, is to provide my students with an effective learning experience. This includes letting students know that I’m here for them if they need extra support.    

We are all in this journey together. Everyone benefits when we work together as a team!  

--- Dr. Janet Menard