Media Inquiries

Members of the Centre may be able to assist with expert commentary on a range of international topics. Consult the list below, or call or email Stéfanie von Hlatky or contact Maureen Bartram (613-533-2381).

African politics Andrew Grant, Kérim Ousman, John Schram
Armed forces (leadership, education, health) Howard CoombsAllan English
Australian foreign policy Kim Nossal
Border security Christian Leuprecht
Canadian foreign policy Jane Boulden, Sean Maloney, Kim Nossal, Joel Sokolsky, Leah Sarson
Canadian-American relations David Haglund, Kim Nossal, Joel Sokolsky, Stéfanie von HlatkyRobert Wolfe
Civil-military relations Christian Leuprecht
Conflict diamonds Andrew Grant
Conflict resolution Andrew Grant, John Schram
Defence policy/management Michael Rostek
Defence procurement Michael Hennessy, Randall Wakelam
Development assistance John Schram
Diplomacy Louis Delvoie, John Schram
Ethnic conflict Jane Boulden, Pierre Jolicoeur, Christian Leuprecht
European Union Charles Pentland
Insurgency/counterinsurgency special forces Howard CoombsMichael Hennessy, Sean Maloney, Bob Martyn
International organizations Jane Boulden, Charles Pentland, Robert Wolfe
Iran/Persian Gulf Ali Dizboni, Houchang Hassan-Yari
Maritime policy Michael Hennessy
Middle East politics Wayne Cox, Louis Delvoie
Military history Allan EnglishSean Maloney, Randall Wakelam
Pakistan Louis Delvoie
Russian foreign/defence policy Pierre Jolicoeur
Secessionist movements Andrew Grant, Pierre Jolicoeur, Kérim Ousman
South Asia Louis Delvoie
Sudan/South Sudan Kérim Ousman
Terrorism Ali Dizboni, Michael Hennessy, Christian Leuprecht, Bob Martyn
Trade policy Robert Wolfe
Transatlantic relations David Haglund, Charles Pentland
United Nations Jane Boulden, Charles Pentland
US foreign/defence policy David HaglundJoel Sokolsky
World Trade Organization Robert Wolfe

Other Media Resources

  • Check out Queen's broadcast services - live double enders broadcasting video interviews from our broadcast studio and audio interviews from historic CFRC community radio station, both on campus.