DEVS 362: Globally Engaged Experiential Learning

Course Description

Please NOTE: Students who wish to enroll in this course must take DEVS 280 (Global Engagement) as a prerequisite and be Level 2 or above or registered in the Certificate in Global Action and Engagement (GAEN) and a ‘Petition of Entry’ must be completed to enroll in the course (please see details below).  

This course builds on the theory studied and skills developed in DEVS 280 Global Engagement by facilitating an 80-hour experience related to global engagement.  Emphasis will be placed on applying strategies for building ethical relationships with host communities and host organizations studied in DEVS 280 to the specific contexts in which students will be volunteering or working.  

This course considers a globally engaged learning experience to be one that takes the form of a volunteer, practicum, internship, or work-related experience. It is designed to deepen a learner’s understanding of the social, political, cultural and economic forces that shape our understanding of development issues while also developing the practical and professional skills required for success in the field of global development.
Students must secure placement experiences that meet specific requirements and are expected to complete pre-departure documentation as well as other protocols, including covering all costs associated with the placements.


Summer 2023

Finding a Global Engagement Experience

  1. Download the DEVS 362 Experiential Learning Component Student Guide {Word 80KB}.
  2. Review the entire guide, including “Appendix 1: How to Search for a Global Engagement Experience”.
  3. Follow the steps in the “Experience Set-Up and Course Enrollment” section.
  4. Expression of Interest (Due by March 20): Email the course instructor at; provide a brief overview of your interest in the course and the type of experience you are considering.  The course instructor will discuss your interest and placement ideas and send you the DEVS 362 Petition of Entry form if they feel you are a suitable candidate for the course.
  5. Continue your search for a Global Engagement experience.

Petition of Entry and Course Enrollment

  1. Once you have received the Petition of Entry form from the course instructor, confirm your global engagement experience with the host organization and then fill out the Petition of Entry form and email it to the course instructor at by April 1 to have your proposed global engagement experience reviewed.   If possible, please send earlier than April 1 as the risk management process and creation of the experiential learning agreements can take many weeks depending on the nature of the experience.
  2. If your Petition of Entry is approved, wait for confirmation from DEVS Academic Programs Assistant that you have been manually enrolled in DEVS 362.
  3. Wait for further instructions from the course instructor regarding the risk management process.


Kathryn Fizzell