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Global Development Studies Department Student Council

The Global Development Studies Department Student Council (DSC) is one of the most active and involved student councils on campus.

Organizing social events with students and professors, raising funds, and acting as the students’ representatives, the DEVS DSC attracts a dynamic and full of life group of individuals.

Student Council (DEVS DSC)

Meet Our Team!

The DEVS Department Student Council (DSC) is here to act as a hub community for all students in Global Development Studies. As one of the most active and involved student councils on campus, we host a variety of social and academic events throughout the year. Check out our ‘What we do’ dropdown to see our past and present events! Creating interactions between students and professors, raising funds, and acting as the students’ representatives, the DEVS DSC attracts a dynamic and full of life group of individuals. We are here to offer support to all and act as liaisons between students, faculty and the greater ASUS community. Reach out to us to know how to get involved!

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Instagram: @devs_qu

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Our Team Consists of:

● President

● Community Outreach Coordinator(s)

● Finance Manager

● Buddy Program Coordinator(s)

● First-Year Representative(s)

● Events Manager(s)

● Marketing Coordinator(s)

● Calendar Manager

What We Do — Events, Initiatives and More!

The DEVS DSC is proud to offer a variety of opportunities for both social engagement and academic learning.

Buddy Program

The DEVS Buddy Program is a program created by the DSC with the goal of connecting DEVS students to each other. Our Lower-Year Buddy Program connects first and second year students interested in global development with upper year DEVS students. The Upper-Year Buddy Program connects third and fourth years with Buddies who are in similar classes. Buddies are there to help connect incoming students with all DEVS related aspects on campus, as well as in Kingston. This can be in the form of clubs and events such as speaker series, conferences, and other similar events. Buddies also provide a source of upper-year knowledge for any other questions first years might have about life at university. Buddies are there to help answer any questions regarding moving forward in first years’ academic career, whether or not they are hoping to continue studying DEVS.

Study Workshops

Fall and Winter Term Study Sessions:

Designated workshops before the fall and winter exam periods designed to aid first years in studying for core DEVS exams as well as any upper years wanting a quiet place to work. Our study socials provide guidance from members of the DEVS DSC and upper years, complimentary drinks and snacks, as well as often visits from fury friends (Cleo the dog!) to keep us calm and stress-free!

Ongoing Help

Need some extra help with DEVS classes before an exam or quiz? The DSC has got your back! DEVS students can drop by the DEVS lounge during specified times to chat with our friendly team. Please note that it is your responsibility to reach out to the DEVS DSC Team via email or one of our social media platforms to arrange a time that works best for both parties.

Stay up to date on our study socials by following us on facebook and instagram!

Check out the ‘DEVS Perks’ dropdown to find directions to our DEVS lounge that has been specifically created to give DEVS students a quiet and welcoming place to work.

Social Events

The DEVS DSC takes pride in creating events in which students of all years can engage with each other, as well as a gateway to student and professor interactions.

To date we have organized countless events including ‘Tea with Profs’, a day of socializing and board games, Study Socials, complete with snacks and dogs, ‘Future in Devs’, an informative gathering focused on providing guidance from graduate students and professors on everything from graduation to resume building, and of course, our end of year Graduates dinner, an opportunity for 4th years to gather and celebrate their achievements.


● Guest Speakers

● We host and advertise various prominent speakers such as environmental activists, Indigenous authors and Queen’s Alumni with events posted to our Facebook page.

● Resume Workshops

● Ongoing formal workshops as well as opportunities for one on one meetings about tailoring your resume to fit your career aspirations.

● Photography Contests

● Head on over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to see when our next Photo Contest will be! We love seeing your pictures from around the world and encourage expressions of cultural and global diversity…with prizes to be won!

● Community Events

● As students in Global Development Studies, we understand the importance of local engagement. The DEVS DSC encourages participation in Kingston events and initiatives, from attendance of performing art shows at the Isabel Bader Centre to shopping local at City Hall Market to participating in Climate Protests.

● We strive to keep you updated on events that pertain to our DEVS mission and encourage you to check out our Instagram page (@devs_qu) and follow the various Kingston initiatives and outreach programs we too are proud to follow

Please email or contact us through social media with any event suggestions or inquiries about upcoming initiatives!


DEVS Perks — Devs Lounge

The DEVS Lounge — Just For You! Can’t find a place to study on campus? MacCorry B408 is a space on campus completely dedicated to DEVS students! There are tables and couches available for studying and relaxing every Monday to Friday.

 Social Media

 Follow us and keep up to date on all information and events regarding DEVS!

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What to do with a DEVS degree

Global Development Studies students find career success in a variety of fields in Canada and internationally. Dev Aransevia Artsci'17, pictured above, is currently a Graduate Fellow with the Centre for International Governance Innovation. A degree in Global Development Studies opens up a wide range of career choices and options for further study. As a globally oriented and interdisciplinary program, DEVS gives students a comprehensive view of the driving forces of social, economic and environmental change across our increasingly interconnected planet. Our curriculum is unique and connects the ‘big-picture’ dynamics of a fast-evolving world with problem-solving approaches to many issues such as climate change, inequality, gender parity and empowerment. Work placements offer further career opportunities to network internationally and gain hands on work experience in development. A DEVS degree will help you learn skills which are in high demand in the job market . Students develop strong communication skills as well as the ability to think critically and problem solve. Conceptual and research skills help students to compile and analyse data using an interdisciplinary lens. Some of the other skills you will gain expertise in are in areas such as:

● Cross cultural communication and intercultural awareness

● Community engagement

● Time management and the ability to work within conflicting deadlines

● Creativity

● Self-reflexivity

Our alumni are working throughout the world and across Canada. Many choose to work with development agencies such as Global Affairs Canada and Amnesty International, or with United Nations bodies. Some are involved in government policy making. Others have gone into journalism, television and documentary film making. A number of graduates have become teachers in Canada and abroad, and many have completed professional degrees in law or business. Some have continued their studies and are now professors themselves. Several students have started their own non-profit development agencies and many are working in the private sector in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Our alumni currently work within a wide range of professions across Canada and throughout the world:

● The development field, including in international agencies such as Global Affairs Canada, Amnesty International or with United Nations bodies. Several graduating students have started their own non-profit development agencies.

● Within governments and policy-making, both at the provincial and federal levels in Canada and internationally. Our students develop skills that help them become valued contributors to public policy.

● Within journalism, television and documentary film making. DEVS students combine their global perspective with cultural production in cutting edge ways.

● As teachers, researchers and educators, both in Canada and abroad. A number of our former students are now professors themselves, while others are involved in grassroots education initiatives.

● In the private sector in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Many students move into the field of business, either directly or after further professional training.

● In the legal sector, with many former students advancing to complete professional degrees in law and becoming lawyers with strong international focus.

For more information on career paths that Global Development Studies students have taken in the past, view the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID) website or review the Career Paths of IDS Graduates in Canada report below.

Career Paths of IDS Graduates Report (PDF, 1.8 MB)


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