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DEVS Eligible Language Courses

DEVS-Eligible Language courses are:

  1. Any course of study in which the primary focus is learning a living language is eligible.
  2. Any level of study is eligible.
  3. You can break up the units you need in any way that works for you – take 6.0 units in one language, 3.0 units in each of two different languages, etc.

Please note that registration into DEVS eligible courses in other departments depends on students having met the appropriate requirements or permission of that department.  Due to enrollment pressure from their own students, many departments often reserve their courses for students in their own plan until after all the enrollment appointment times are over. DEVS students may have to wait until 'open enrollment' to get access to register in these courses.

Remember that course registration is first come - first served. Log in to SOLUS promptly on the correct date and TIME of your enrollment appointment. At your appointment time be sure to have reliable internet access, preferably on a computer and not on a phone. Have your courses picked out ahead of time, as well as a 'plan B' in case you do not get into your first choices.

DEVS Language Courses 2020-2021