In the context of the climate crisis, the seeming intractability of political-economic reliance on resource extraction is a major global socio-ecological problem and critical site of decolonizing struggle. However, a closer look at extractive regions, especially those on Indigenous lands, or traditional territories, reveals community-driven alternative approaches to resource governance and livelihoods.

Funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant, Futures of Care (2022-2027), Queen’s University researchers across three departments are engaged in a community-university inquiry that diversifies labour analysis in mining regions, orienting future development discussion towards land-based and caring labours, and youth futures already in practice.

The research program investigates alternative relations to land in extractive regions in northern Canada and South Africa, with specific attention to gender and women’s and youth’s experiences and visions.

We are seeking a qualified candidate to enter a master’s or PhD program to enhance the South African side of the project. A background in African Studies and Global Development Studies are assets.

Interested students should contact:

Dr. Rebecca Hall (Global Development Studies)
Dr. Allison Goebel (School of Environmental Studies)
Dr. Marc Epprecht (Global Development Studies)



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