Karen Dubinsky

Karen Dubinsky


PhD (History), Queen's University

Mackintosh-Corry Hall, A401

PhD History, Queen's University

Global Development Studies and History

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Curriculum Vitae (PDF 255KB)

Canadian-Global South relations particularly Cuba; Cuban musical cultures; global childhood issues (adoption/migration history and the politics of childhood), transnational historical perspectives.

I am trained as a Canadian historian and teach in both Development Studies and the History Department. I have varied research interests, including global childhood issues (such as adoption and migration conflicts), Canadian/global south relations, and Cuban musical cultures. I co-teach an undergraduate course on Cuban culture, which takes Queen's students to Havana for a field school in May. Through this work, I have developed a sub field of research on music as a form of political language in contemporary Cuba.

Current Projects:

I’m researching a book on Cuban-Canadian cultural and non-governmental relations including topics such as development assistance, educational ties, musical and other cultural exchanges. I co-host a podcast on this topic called Cuban Serenade, about Cuban musicians in Canada. Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud. https://open.spotify.com/show/2ruiMC0wJKcVnRdAVnDI5S?si=DQen1VDaQgiE4nam...

Most of my graduate supervisions are in the History Department but I occasionally supervise graduate students in Global Development Studies and Cultural Studies.

Topics I have recently supervised include PhD dissertations on: aboriginal decolonization movements in the 1960s, Canadian Cuban dance relations, the global politics of poverty in Canada, the history of lesbian and gay parenting in Canada, , a comparative study of children's rights in Canada and India, the transnational history of gay rights journalism, and the history of tourism.

Jointly appointed to the Department of History and the Department of Global Development Studies.

Cross-appointed to the Department of Gender Studies



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