Ayca Tomac

Ayca Tomac

Continuing Adjunct Assistant Professor

PhD (Cultural Studies), Queen's University

Mackintosh-Corry Hall, A411

Queen's University

Global Development Studies

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Transformative social movements, cultures of resistance and dissent in the larger Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region as well as within the Mediterranean region inform my scholarship. From a conceptual perspective, my interests lie in understanding solidarity-building practices and the politics of alliance among diverse groups and communities including, but not limited to, urban youth, women’s and LGBTQI groups, Muslim cultural identities, anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian community organizers as well as ethnic and religious minorities. My research involves feminist ethnographic and community-based research methods.

  • DEVS 240:  Culture and Development (2022W)
  • DEVS 260:  Gender and Development (2021SS)
  • DEVS 492:  Alliance Politics (2021F)
  • DEVS 392:  Digitality and Global Development (2022SS)


Tomac, A. ‘Rejecting the Legacy, Restoring the Honor’: The Anti-Capitalist Muslims in Turkey. Religions 2020, 11, 621.