Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan Shaw

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Mackintosh-Corry Hall, A411

Queen's University

Global Development Studies


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I am interested in engaging in research focused on higher education and the ways in which it contributes to development at global, national and local levels. Specific interests include the massification of higher education in South and Southeast Asia, and issues around funding, quality, inequality, equity and access in specific national contexts; public and social contributions of higher education, and the privatization of public universities; the impact of international development efforts to change education systems; the political economy of higher education, globally and within specific national contexts; resistance to isomorphism and alternative forms of tertiary education; the role of supranational agencies in higher education, and resources and knowledge flows within the supranational space; changing responses of universities to global challenges, particularly climate change. In terms of theoretical tools, I recognize the complementary contributions of institutional, class-oriented, and discourse analytical approaches.

These interests are shaped by my professional work throughout my career, spent mostly in the Global South. My doctoral work explored the role of international higher education in building universities, departments and faculty expertise in Vietnam. This explored the conflict between market and post-Soviet political economies, and how this played out in departments and in curricula. This work can be understood in contemporary terms of decolonizing the curriculum, and understanding how student-teachers experience and respond to international education, and their agency in their work as educators. 

DEVS 392: Higher Education and Development