Education Graduate Student Society (EGSS)

Education Graduate Student Society

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The Education Graduate Student Society (EGSS) is the official organization of graduate students in the Faculty of Education. The EGSS organizes various academic and social activities as well as acts as a facilitator between the Faculty of Education and the graduate student body.

To stay in touch: Find EGSS-sponsored events in the Queen's Faculty of Education Calendar, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or join our Facebook group: Queen’s University Education Graduate Student Society. You can also view our events list which is regularly updated.

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The EGSS organizes and hosts a variety of academic and social events on behalf of its members. 

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The EGSS is governed by the Constitution of the Education Graduate Student Society........

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The EGSS executive membership is comprised of graduate students in the Faculty of Education.

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Equity Statement

The Education Graduate Student Society (EGSS) condemns all forms of harassment, discrimination, bias, and hate. Such forms include, but are not limited to, race, colour, country of origin, religious or spiritual orientation, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, disability, age, and class status. In accordance with our commitment to support an accountable space that equitably serves the welfare of our members, all claims of harassment, discrimination, bias, and hate by EGSS members are taken extremely seriously. The EGSS executives are listening and learning; we encourage our membership to do the same.

If you have witnessed or been victim to acts of harassment, discrimination, bias, or hate within the Faculty of Education or wider Queen’s community, we encourage you to speak with an advisor from the Human Rights and Equity Office, make a complaintfile a report, or file an anonymous report. Additionally, the Yellow House on Queen’s is available for consultation and discussion.

If you are experiencing mental health challenges, please seek help. The confidential service Empower Me offers support specific to culture, race, religion, gender identify, and sexual orientation upon request in multiple languages. Student Wellness Services offers confidential counselling appointments and same-day clinic services. They also offer student-only wellness groups, including groups for Indigenous students who are struggling with anxiety and depression, students who are new to Canada, students with Autism, and more. The mobile-friendly Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) provides students with an engaging, interactive, and self-directed library of mental health resources stemming from evidence-based research.

If you would like to expand your equity, diversity, inclusion, and Indigeneity knowledge and practices, consider checking the multi-faith calendar when scheduling meetings; participating in training modules and workshops, and exploring the resources provided by the Human Rights and Equity Office.

In response to reported acts of harassment, discrimination, bias, and hate that were recently experienced by our membership, we have taken action through the revision of our constitution, amendment of our roles and responsibilities (including membership on the EDI Committee in our faculty), development of communication policies, participation in comprehensive anti-oppression training, and engaged in numerous EDI initiatives (e.g., creating a Name Pronunciation Guide for Faculty and Staff to ensure marginalized members’ names are not mispronounced).