Queen's Event Services requires a minimum of 14 days notice to book an event.

*Due to the high volume of events on campus, venues and dates can sell out well in advance of the 14 day required notice. We recommend reserving your venues early (3 to 6 months out). 

*Queen's Event Services gives priority to to various internal groups during peak times on campus (for example, Homecoming and Convocations).

Final numbers and special dietary requirements for banquets and formal functions are required 7 days before to your event.

*Timing is critical to the success of your event! Should your food delivery be delayed due to a late start of your function, we cannot guarantee the quality of the meal.

A required written cancellation must be received before the above-noted confirmation dates to avoid cancellation fees. Notification received after this deadline will result in a charge based on the confirmed number of guests and the date the cancellation is received.

A required 10% deposit of the estimated value of your event is due within 30 days of booking. A 50% deposit of the balance is due 90 days before the function.

The balance is due upon receipt of your invoice or terms outlined on your contract.

*We accept Certified Cheques, Visa, MasterCard, cash, and Queen’s University account codes. Credit card payments are limited to  $10,000 per event – beyond this amount; we only accept a Certified Cheque or a Queen’s University account code.

Internally run University-sanctioned events are exempt from insurance requirements. All other clients are required to adhere to the below:

Queen’s Event Services requires the Client obtain and maintain comprehensive general liability insurance during the Event described in the term of this agreement with a limit of not less than Five Million Dollars ($5,000,000) inclusive per occurrence for bodily injury and property damage. Insurance is to be in force for the full duration of the Event (not including setup and tear-down) if the time period spans more than one calendar day. Such insurance shall be in the name(s) of the Client. The Client shall provide a Certificate of Insurance to Event Services for approval no later than 30 calendar days prior to the Event date. The Certificate of Insurance must name “Queen’s University at Kingston, 75 Bader Lane, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N8” as additional insured with respect to liability arising out of the use or occupation by the Client and its related persons. Failure to comply could lead to the cancellation of the Event.

Food items are subject to 13% HST.

Alcoholic beverages are subject to 13% HST.

Taxes are subject to change due to revised provincial tax legislation.

No gratuities charged by Queen’s Event Services.

Orders under a pre-tax amount of $100.00 are subject to a $20.00 delivery fee.

China and glassware are available to replace disposable wares at your catered event at the  cost of $3.00 per person.

Linen for banquets and formal receptions include set up of food service stations (buffet and beverage stations) and 4 additional predetermined tables.

Banquet and formal reception pricing include dishware, cutlery, linen (as above), and service staff for a 4-hour call from the scheduled guest arrival time.

All staffed event menus include a 4-hour service from the scheduled guest arrival time. If your event exceeds this service period, staff overtime charges will be billed at $25/hour per service person.

Delivery outside regular business hours (7:00 am – 4:00 pm) are subject to additional delivery cost.

Any lost or misplaced items are the responsibility of the client and will be included on your invoice at the replacement cost.

Menu prices may be subject to change due to fluctuation in market pricing at the time of the event.

A $40 Service/Administration charge will apply for orders modified within 48 hours of the event date. The service charge will also be applied to events when modification is made onsite.

All non-perishable and unspoiled perishable food is donated. We redirect all unspoiled food from landfills to our neighbours in need. We appreciate your support of the local community and for helping reduce our environmental impact.

Let us know how we can serve you!

When planning the menu for your upcoming event, don’t forget about guests' allergy and dietary needs. We have many menu items that cater to individuals who are Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free, as well as Halal and Kosher. We also have a great selection of items that will satisfy those with specific food allergies. If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Read the Queen’s  Severe Allergy Policy (2021 PDF 138KB)

Queen’s University is a Smoke-Free campus. Vaping and smoking of any substance in any manner are prohibited. The Queen's University Smoke-Free University Policy applies to employees, students, visitors, contractors and independent operators on all Queen’s University owned, rented or leased property (including vehicles).

All events, including conferences, weddings, summer accommodations hosted on property owned, rented or leased by Queen’s University located on or off campus are subject to this policy.

Queen’s recognizes that some traditional Indigenous events or ceremonies involve the use of smudge sticks or other materials as provided under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017. These events or ceremonies are outside this policy.

Smoke-Free Queen’s FAQ

In accordance with the Liquor License Act (LLA) and in accordance to the Campus Alcohol Policy, Queen’s Hospitality Services requires full control over the business conducted out of the licensed premises, including the purchase, sale and service of alcohol, as well as the collection of proceeds from the sale of alcohol. Queen’s Event Services is the point of contact for the licensing and provision of all bar services on campus.

Queen’s is required to comply with SOCAN and Re:Sound licensing tariffs.

Filming on campus? Please review our film policy.


Academic activities that are timetabled by the University Registrar have priority use of academic space. Non-academic events and ad hoc academic activities can be booked into academic spaces after publication of the timetable so long as they do not displace, or disrupt the continuity, of timetabled academic activities. These ad hoc bookings are on a first come, first serve, basis.*

*If there is an academic activity that cannot be accommodated due to a previously booked non-academic event, prioritization will be determined by the University Timetable Committee.


Priority for academic spaces, such as classrooms, is to support academic activities. This includes providing learning environments that are consistent throughout the academic term. The latter point recognizes that changing the location of academic activities partway through the term generates a cost to both instructors and students.


The policy applies to academic spaces that are managed by the University Registrar.

The university provides access to classrooms and lecture theatres when these rooms are not being used for teaching or other academic programs. This privilege of access is available to university individuals and groups and to community groups. The use of such space is considered to be a service to the broader community rather than a means of generating additional revenues.

In assessing the appropriateness of booking classroom and lecture theatre space, the following standards are used:
The event will not bring discredit upon the university;
The use of the space and any materials displayed or distributed comply with the Queen's University Code of Conduct and do not contravene Senate, Board of Trustees or administrative policies, and federal, provincial or municipal laws, bylaws and regulations. The event will not infringe on human rights legislation or be obscene or beyond the bounds of common decency under applicable laws in Ontario.
The university reserves the right to deny access to any group for which there is good reason to believe one of the above conditions will be contravened. In addition, access may be denied to individuals or groups which have, in the past, misused or abused a room or its contents or for which there are unpaid rental charges.

Room Reservation Rate Categories and Fees

Schedules I identifies the rate categories.
See Central Room Reservations Rates and Capacities Chart for Rates and Capacities

Schedule I Rate Categories (Central Booking rooms only)

Renter Category Type
Queen’s University Department Faculty-Staff Students (Individuals and Groups)  A
External Not for Profit Groups/Organizations B
External individuals/Groups/Organizations C

Grant Hall

Grant Hall Standard Booking

Booking Includes

  • 1-day Room Booking
  • 1 unlock/1 lock
  • PPS work order using only existing furniture
  • AV Request (Microphone and Data Projector)*

Room rental

As applicable by Rate Category

PPS Mandatory Fee


Coordination Fee

By Room Reservations


*Music Tariffs if applicable

Grant Hall – Premium booking

Booking Includes

  • 2-day Room Booking
  • 4 unlocks/locks
  • PPS work order (existing furniture + any furnishings provided by client)
  • Basic AV Request (Microphone and Data Projector)

Room Rental

As Applicable by Rate Category

PPS Mandatory fee


Coordination Fee By Room Reservations


*MusicTariffs if Applicable

Grant Hall - Event Booking

Booking Includes

  • 1-day or Multi-day Room Booking
  • Unlimited unlocks/locks
  • All other details handled by the Event Coordinator, including but not limited to:
    • Furniture rental
    • Event Diagrams
    • Audio Visual

Room Rental

As Applicable by Rate Category

PPS Mandatory Fee


Coordination Fee By Event Services

$175 minimum, final coordination determined once full event details are shared


Schedule II: Room Rental Fee Schedule continued:

For Rehearsals/multi-day set up in Grant Hall, one free day, others at half day rate

A non-refundable deposit, 50% of one day's rental, must be paid with application by non Queen's renters who are one-time or occasional users. Deposit may be waived for customers renting on a regular basis. All deposits will be applied towards rental fee.

As noted, Grant Hall has a mandatory $300.00 set up/maintenance fee.

Use of the built-in data/video in classrooms and auditoriums are included in your room rental.  On-site audio visual l technical support is not available through Queen's.  If the use of audio visual equipment is a key component of your booking, it is recommended to hire a 3rd party AV supplier, where permitted, for on-site support and additional equipment rental. Refunds and credits will not be issued for any built-in AV issues that occur during the rented period.

This chart is a guide for renting venue spaces booked through central reservations on campus, other fees and charges may apply.

Please contact Queen’s Central Room Reservations: roomres@queensu.ca or 613-533-2025


Other venues/spaces may be available for your event. Please contact Queen’s Event Services for all options on campus! event.services@queensu.ca