Library and archives preliminary planning ideas now on display

Library and archives preliminary planning ideas now on display

April 8, 2013


A set of proposed key principles and ideas to guide the development of the libraries and archives has been drafted by the Library and Archives Master Plan (LAMP) team. As well, high level drawings of Stauffer and Douglas libraries provide a first iteration of the emerging planning concepts that the LAMP team is considering.

“I hope that these drawings and the key concepts that inform them will generate ideas and feedback from across the university,” says Martha Whitehead, University Librarian. “They are the result of our extensive consultation and information gathering process.”

Focusing first on Stauffer and Douglas libraries, the planning team has taken the wealth of information and numerous suggestions collected so far and synthesized several emerging concepts that could act as guiding principles in the LAMP. These include:
• committing to accessibility, diversity and community,
• ensuring the sustainability of collections,
• improving learning and study spaces,
• enhancing and embedding services and technology throughout the library.

The LAMP team has also identified the need to find a more suitable space for the university archives. Currently housed in Kathleen Ryan Hall, the archives require more accessible space and a better climate-controlled environment. The planning proposal suggests moving the archives to Douglas Library, where it would be in proximity to the library’s special collections.

The changes inside the libraries relate to one of the key concepts proposed: that Stauffer and Douglas should form a “library town square.”

“Given the central location of these signature buildings at the corner of Union Street and University Avenue, there is tremendous potential to develop community and learning spaces in and around them,” adds Ms Whitehead. “It’s a good example of how the LAMP can connect with the broader Campus Master Plan process to create vibrant spaces that enhance both the student learning experience and Queen’s research prominence.”

The LAMP drawings and key concepts, along with information boards about the campus master plan, are now on display on the first floor of Stauffer library. Everyone is encouraged to view them at the library or online, and to visit the LAMP website to submit your feedback.

Over the course of April Ms. Whitehead and the other members of the LAMP project team will continue the consultation process as they meet with several student, faculty and staff groups. Everyone is invited to attend and ask questions at an upcoming information session on the LAMP project on Friday, April 26 from 11-11:45 am in Robert Sutherland Hall, room 202.