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Answering questions about vaccination

A Queen’s public health expert is helping overcome vaccine hesitancy with a new series of videos addressing common concerns about COVID-19 vaccination.

This fall, Queen’s is requiring all individuals to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate in in-person university activities. While the vast majority of the Queen’s community has declared they are fully vaccinated, the few who are not may have hesitations. Anyone with concerns about the vaccines can now turn to a new series of videos for clarity on some of the most common questions about vaccine safety, variants of concern, and transmitting the virus.

The series features the expertise of Samantha Buttemer, Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences at Queen’s and Public Health Advisor for the Faculty of Health Sciences, who answers a different frequently asked question in each short video.

“There are several common concerns among people who are hesitant about vaccination, but there is abundant evidence showing that the vaccines are safe and effective,” says Dr. Buttemer. “I hope these videos can help alleviate the concerns of people who are hesitant and help them understand that vaccination is preferable to a COVID-19 infection.”

Among other topics, Dr. Buttemer answers questions such as “Should I be worried about the side-effects of these vaccines?”; “If everyone else is getting vaccinated do I still need to do it?”; and “What if I’m worried about needles?”

The videos are being shared on Queen’s social media channels over the coming weeks and can be found on the Queen’s YouTube channel.

Find out how to receive a vaccine on campus on the Student Wellness Services website or in the Kingston area on the KFL&A Public Health website.

Students can also book an appointment with a physician at Student Wellness Services to discuss any questions they might have about vaccination.

Learn more about Queen’s vaccine requirement and how the university is protecting health and safety this fall on the Safe Return to Campus website.