Employees eager to enhance skills

Employees eager to enhance skills

June 30, 2015


For Sarah Mills, developing new professional skills involved going outside of her comfort zone.

[Sarah Mills]
Sarah Mills (middle) receives her certificate from Al Orth, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources), and Marie Doherty, Director, Client Services and Organizational Development and Learning.

“The workshop on presentation skills, which is part of the Administrative Professionals @ Queen’s Master Certificate program, actually scared me,” says Ms. Mills, a Human Resources customer service representative. “But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I felt better knowing that everyone was nervous. We all started in the same spot and ended up doing a wonderful job presenting.”

In addition to strengthening her administrative skills, the certificate program made it easier for Ms. Mills to make connections across the university.

“I met a lot of people through the workshops, and I have stayed in contact with quite a few,” says Ms. Mills, who joined Queen’s last year. “The certificate program allowed me to meet other individuals from different departments and start building that network. I believe that building strong network relations are an important part of the learning and development process, which are essential for personal growth and success.”

HR has designed its five certificate programs to help employees at different stages of their careers achieve their professional goals. Bonnie Fleming has worked in IT Support Services for 15 years. While she is currently employed as a front line receptionist, she hopes to eventually return to an administrative role.

[Bonnie Fleming]
Bonnie Fleming (middle) accepts her certificate from Al Orth, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources), and Marie Doherty, Director, Client Services and Organizational Development and Learning.

“I was looking for ways to advance myself and get back into the position I was previously in. I looked around to see what resources were out there. I found the Administrative Professionals @ Queen’s certificate and I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to develop more business skills.

“The skills I acquired helped me personally and also enhanced my ability to perform at the next level in my job, which has also benefited the unit as a whole,” she adds. “The certificate program encouraged me to step outside the box and take on new challenges.”

Ms. Fleming and the rest of this year’s certificate program graduates received their certificates at a special ceremony last week.

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Visit the Human Resources learning catalogue to learn more about the certificate programs and other professional development opportunities.

Al Orth, Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources), praised the participants for their dedication to the certificate programs. He also thanked managers and supervisors for encouraging staff members to take advantage of the professional development opportunities offered by HR.

“The certificate programs help enrich the university and make it strong,” Mr. Orth says. “With more than 420 graduates of the certificate programs to date, staff members have access to a growing network of supportive colleagues.”

2015 Queen’s Certificate Program Graduates

Administrative Professionals @ Queen’s Certificate

Elizabeth Agostino
Liza Cote
Karen Dundass
Bonnie Fleming
Angelina Gencarelli
Nancy Hoogenraad
Allison Horwood
Tanya Hutchison
Susan Jarzylo
Crystal McCracken
Barb Quesnel
Martha Santos
Lindsay Smith
Claudia Trost
Lori-Ann VanderHorden
Robert Watering
Karen Zuliniak

Administrative Professionals @ Queen’s Master Certificate

Jennifer Bishop
Jill Christie
Meri Diamond
Cindy Fehr
Bobbi Kaiser
Krista Knight
Jan McGraa
Sarah Mills
Kate Minor
Jessica Montagner
Joan Sirtonski
Caroline Teske

Certificate in International Perspectives

Habiba Allidina
Kate Black
Amira Halabi
Darlene Homer
Donna Katinas
Megan McKever
Nicole Remillard

Certificate in Workplace Communications

Kathy Baer
Darlene Homer
Martha Santos
Frances Tan
Karen Zuliniak

From Diversity to Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate

Kate Cowperthwaite
Jenny DeBruyn
Emily Johnston
Michelle Knapp-Hermer
Wendy Reid