Hands-on with innovation at Queen's

Hands-on with innovation at Queen's

By Communications Staff

August 10, 2017


On Thursday, August 10, Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson took part in a tour of campus to learn more about the innovative research and entrepreneurship activities taking place at Queen's.

The tour commenced with a visit to participating teams in the Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre Summer Initiative, where Mayor Paterson met with students and learned about the problems their new companies aimed to address, as well as the challenges and opportunities they've experienced.

Next, the tour visited the Human Media Lab, where lab director Roel Vertegaal demonstrated many of the lab's leading-edge creations, including a bendable smartphone and "programmable matter".

Finally, the tour visited the Perk Lab, where lab director Gabor Fitchinger (Computing) and his students demonstrated new computer-assisted surgical tools and medical education techniques.