Increasing focus on United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals at Queen’s

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Increasing focus on United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals at Queen’s

The Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor has appointed Dr. Heather Aldersey as Special Advisor to the Principal on United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

April 13, 2023


Heather Aldersey
Heather Aldersey will begin her work with an environmental scan of UN SDG work across the university and at other institutions in North America. (Queen's University photo)

Across the Queen’s community, a great deal of research, teaching, learning, community engagement, and stewardship activities are directly related to the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Increasing awareness of these relationships and coordinating and enhancing the work is a priority for the university. Like the Queen’s Strategy, UN SDGs call on us to harness our sense of social responsibility, address significant and urgent real-world challenges, and advance our social impact.  

The Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor has appointed Heather Aldersey, School of Rehabilitation Therapy, as Special Advisor to the Principal on UN Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Aldersey’s role will involve creating an inventory of UN SDG work by identifying best practices and champions of UN SDG work at Queen’s, and she will also create and chair a Principal’s Council on UN SDGs to inform, collaborate, and innovate on the development of a UN SDG operational framework for the university.

“The UN SDGs provide a roadmap to a more sustainable future. They address global challenges such as poverty, inequality, climate change, and environmental degradation. My initial focus will be on fostering intentional collaboration among those doing UN SDG work at Queen’s and coordinating these relationships in a meaningful and engaging way,” says Dr. Aldersey. “I look forward to working closely with other university roles who engage with UN SDG work, specifically in the Office of the Vice-Provost, Global Engagement and the Office of the Vice-Principal, University Relations, and for others to share their exciting projects and initiatives with me so they can be supported and celebrated.”

Looking ahead, Dr. Aldersey plans to establish a UN SDG for Impact award that will recognize campus community members and options for funding UN SDG projects to enhance and support more UN SDG initiatives at Queen’s.

“It is fundamental that we weave UN SDG work into all aspects of the Queen’s community and collaborate across the institution as we strive towards these global goals,” says Principal Patrick Deane. “We are on the right track, as indicated by the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings, but there is much more important work ahead of us as a university for the future.”

To participate and share UN SDG work happening at Queen’s, visit the Office of the Principal and Vice-Chancellor’s website to complete a brief form.

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