Moving out safely

Moving out safely

April 23, 2021


With final exams underway and Winter Term 2021 coming to an end, many students, including those in residence, are preparing to move.

Moving is a big task and good planning is a key to moving safely. Following public health protocols is essential to helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. Currently, under the provincial stay-at-home emergency order, moving residences qualifies as an essential reason for travel.

The Mindful Move-Out page provides a wealth of information for a safe, smooth, and sustainable move out.   

Moving out of residence

Students in residence are required to move out by 3 pm on the day after their final exam. The final day for moving out of Queen’s residence is April 29. Students who are not able to move out by the scheduled timeline must fill out a Residence Extension Request, available at the Residence and Dining Portal. Students needing to stay in residence after April 29 at 3 pm, must first apply to do so by emailing

Students in residence are required to:

  • Remove all belongings from their room
  • Take garbage and recycling to their building’s garbage room
  • Lock the door and ensure windows are closed
  • Hand residence keys in at the Victoria Hall front desk or the Jean Royce Hall front desk (open 24 hours)

For additional information regarding move-out procedures and storage options visit the move-out page.

Moving safely

Queen’s Residence Life and Services has worked with KFL&A Public Health to ensure a safe move-out process for all students, staff, families, and supporters. Every student can have up to two people assisting them with move-out. All visitors to campus must fill out the COVID-19 self-assessment via the SeQure app before arriving, disclosing any symptoms/contacts/direction from public health offices in the past 14 days.

Face coverings must be worn in residence at all times during the move-out process.

Please, respect social distancing expectations, including the following guidelines:

  • Maintain a space of 1-2 meters between yourself and others, including facilities and desk staff
  • Use the available hand sanitizers at each building entrance
  • Follow proper and frequent handwashing guidelines
  • Limit the number of people that come to assist you to just two
  • Bring your own move out cart if you are able

For more residence specific answers to COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions visit the Residence COVID-19 page.

Off-campus moving

To limit the number of people moving at the same time, housemates should stagger moving days and times. Maintain physical distance and wear a face covering.

Restrict the number of people you ask to help you move to those already in your household.

If hiring a moving company, do not have additional family or friends help.

For more tips on how to move safely during COVID-19 visit the KFL&A Public Health website.

For up-to-date information about COVID-19, visit the Queen's Coronavirus COVID-19 Information website.