Preparing for winter holiday closure

Preparing for winter holiday closure

By Communications Staff

December 18, 2018


Queen’s University's winter holiday shutdown will commence on Monday, Dec. 24, with the return to work scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 2.

Information regarding the Christmas Closing Policy can be found on the Human Resources website.

Staff and faculty are also reminded to turn off computers, laptops and work devices when leaving for the holiday break.

Throughout the holiday period Campus Security and Emergency Services will remain fully staffed and operational.

Physical Plant Services will be closed between 4 pm on Friday, Dec. 21 and 8 am on Wednesday, Jan. 2.

In preparing for the holiday closure, please keep the following information in mind:

1. Energy Conservation: Turn off office lights, power down non-essential equipment ( including: computers and monitors, power bars, heaters, copiers/printers, microwaves, ceiling fans, fridges, coffee makers, toasters, shredders), close windows and doors, and set thermostats no lower than 18 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Garbage/Recycling: Ensure that all garbage and recycling is routed to the central waste stations located in the common areas of your buildings before noon on Friday, Dec. 21. This provides Custodial Services with one last opportunity to check and empty these stations.

3. Organics: Departments participating in the office organics program should ensure that the organic waste is placed in the available exterior toters before noon on Friday, Dec. 21.

4. Report any ongoing water issues (ongoing leaks, broken toilets or leaky faucets) or lack of heating to Fixit at ext. 77301 at your earliest convenience.

For urgent physical plant issues (e.g. floods, broken windows, lack of heating or exterior door issues) during the closure, contact the Emergency Report Centre at 613.533.6080 (613.533.6111, Emergency) for immediate assistance.

Report any emergencies or suspicious persons/activities to 613-533-6111 (ext. 36111 internal).