Queen’s statement on Palestinian flag incident


Queen’s statement on Palestinian flag incident

The university has removed the flag from Grant Hall and is investigating the incident.

March 9, 2024


On Friday, March 8, a Palestinian flag was hung on the flagpole of the Grant Hall clocktower on university campus. Campus Security and Emergency Services attended the scene and immediately removed the flag. This incident was the result of a break and enter and a report has been made to Kingston Police. Campus Security alongside Kingston Police are investigating the incident. 

Campus Security works closely with local police to ensure that if there is a need to act, it will be communicated swiftly and effectively. Campus community members who experience or witness an unlawful act or have concerns for their physical safety should contact Campus Security or local police immediately. Queen’s community members with concerns of hate, harassment or discrimination are encouraged to make a report or complaint under the university’s Harassment and Discrimination Prevention and Response Policy

 This statement was updated on Saturday, March 9 at 5 pm.

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