Stay informed during labour negotiations

Stay informed during labour negotiations

By Communications Staff

February 19, 2015


As the university and several unions negotiate new collective agreements, status updates and other information can be found on the labour news website.

In addition to negotiation updates, the website provides answers to frequently asked questions and information, where appropriate, about contingency planning, labour relations processes and settlements. Readers can subscribe to posts by following this link.

Comments or questions related to posts on the Queen’s labour news website are welcome. All submissions are reviewed by the site administrator before being posted. Questions may be answered through a post in the relevant category. Repetitive or duplicate questions and comments may not be posted.

The Queen’s labour news twitter account is another way to stay up to date with active negotiations at the university. Furthermore, a notification appears on the Queen’s Gazette homepage when new information is posted on the Queen’s labour news website.

Questions can be sent to