Vice-Principal Research announces results of Postdoctoral Fellowship program

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Vice-Principal Research announces results of Postdoctoral Fellowship program

July 26, 2023


Queen’s is welcoming six new postdoctoral fellows through the Vice-Principal Research Postdoctoral Fund, which aims to attract outstanding early-career scholars and foster greater recognition of trainees as research leaders of the future. The program provides fellows with two years of salary support, valued at $50,000 each year.

Meet the new fellows:

  • Abdul Ali Bangash will work with Bram Adams (School of Computing) on a project looking to build an energy-efficient recommendation system for Edge-AI deployment strategies.
  • Stuart Wilson will join Jean Côté and Luc Martin (School of Kinesiology and Health Studies) in investigating the quality of youth sport programs by examining the social interactions of parents, coaches, and athletes. The project will also look at how youth athlete “peer groups” interact and affect moral behaviours with teammates during sport seasons.
  • Xiaomei Li will work with Tom Hollenstein (Psychology) to advance a research program examining emotion-related family resilience processes and adolescent adjustment during COVID-19.
  • Harshita Yalamarty, working with Sailaja Krishnamurti (Gender Studies), will study caste in Canadian Legal Discourses, focusing on caste identities, practices, and discrimination within human rights and immigration law.
  • Emilie El Khoury will join Stéfanie von Hlatky (Political Studies) to research the impacts of counterinsurgency and counterterrorism, including their tactics consequences on local populations, especially women.
  • Dan Armstrong will work with Stephen Scott (Biomedical and Molecular Sciences) on two biomechanics studies focusing on the muscular and neural mechanisms
    through which the human body responds to perturbations.

Visit the Vice-Principal Research website to learn more about the program.

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