Dr. Laurent Godin, PhD

Dr. Laurent Godin

Office Bruce 523
Email godinl@queensu.ca
Website Queen’s Tectonics Research Laboratory
Instagram @queens_tectonics_group
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Department of Geological Sciences & Geological Engineering, Miller Hall, Queen's University, Kingston Ontario, K7L 3N6


Professor Laurent Godin specializes in structural geology and continental tectonics, with a special focus on the evolution of orogenic belts, namely the Himalayan-Tibet. He is also interested by the application of centrifuge analogue modelling, U-Th/Pb petrochronology, and thermochronology to continental tectonics. In addition to mountain belt research, he is involved in projects focusing on seismicity and stress partitioning in continental interiors, basement fault reactivation, investigation of Early Archean geology, and application of structural geology to mineral exploration programs. He has served on the NSERC Discovery Grant Committee both as a member and co-chair and was Scientific Editor for Lithosphere from 2017-2020.

Supervising Information

  • Taylor Morell (PhD; 2022-in progress): Upper plate expression of reactivated basement structures during orogenesis: A multi-orogen comparison
  • Michelle Pearce (MSc; 2023-in progress): Numerical stress modelling of Himalayan seismicity and cross-strike faults

I am always looking for highly-motivated and qualified students wishing to pursue MSc or PhD degrees. If interested, contact me directly.

Research Interests/Current Research

  • Structural geology and continental tectonics

  • Evolution of orogenic belts / Himalayan tectonics

  • Analogue and numerical modelling of deformation processes

  • Seismicity of continental interiors

Professional Associations

  • Geological Association of Canada

  • American Geophysical Union

  • Geological Society of America

Publications (since 2013; students in bold, Complete list HERE)

Godin, L., Crilly, B., Schoenbohm, L. and Wolpert, J., 2023. Recent basement fault reactivation and fluvial drainage modification in an intraplate setting, eastern Bundelkhand craton, Madhya Pradesh, India. Geomorphology, p.108781.

Duvall, M., Waldron, J., Godin, L., Najman, Y., and Copley, A., in press. Indian plate structural inheritance in the Himalayan foreland basin, Nepal. Basin Research.

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Duvall, M., Waldron, J., Godin, L., and Najman, Y., 2020. Active strike-slip faults and a new frontal thrust in the Himalayan foreland basin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, v. 117(30), 17615-17621. ** Winner of the 2021 Elliot Best Paper award, given by the Structural Geology & Tectonics Division of the Geological Association of Canada **

Braden, Z., Godin, L., Kellett, D. A. and Yakymchuk, C., 2020. Spatio-temporal challenges in dating orogen-scale shear zones: the case of the Himalayan Main Central thrust. Tectonophysics, v. 774, 228246.

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Godin, L., Soucy La Roche, R., Waffle, L., and Harris, L. B., 2019. Influence of inherited Indian basement faults on the evolution of the Himalayan orogen. In Crustal Architecture and Evolution of the Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Orogen. R. Sharma, I. M. Villa, & S. Kumar, (eds.), Geological Society, London, Special Publication 481.

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Ma, S., Kellett, D.A., and Godin, L., 2018. Structural style and timing of deformation on the Bathurst Fault (eastern Slave craton): Implications for basement fault-controlled fluid pathways; in Targeted Geoscience Initiative – 2017 Report of Activities, (ed.) N. Rogers; Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 8358, p. 79-97. doi:10.4095/299573.

Soucy La Roche, R., Godin, L., and Crowley, J.L. 2017. Reappraisal of emplacement models for Himalayan external crystalline nappes: the Jajarkot klippe, western Nepal. Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 130 (5-6), p. 1041-1056. DOI: 10.1130/B31799.1.

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