Named TAship Program

Goal - $200,000 per annum 

Queen’s provides funding for teaching assistants, based on a relatively high ratio of students to instructors, which we are supplementing with this fund. We need approximately 40 sponsors per year, for the current complement of about 90+ undergraduate students in each year of the program, to ensure a high-quality learning environment in our laboratories, field trips and field schools. The fund benefits the students who work as Teaching Assistants, and the students being taught.    

The Named TAship program is based on annual donations of $5000, or more, typically pledged for at least three years.                          

At this time:

Each $5000 donation adds two graduate or four undergraduate students to the teaching team.

The current level of funding is $90,000 per year (45% of our target of $200,000).

Give Now

The following Named TAship donors are gratefully acknowledged:

Corporate Donors:

Beach Meadows Resources
BGC Engineering
Endeavour Silver

Individual Donors:

Class of '04

Wayne Foo & Lynne Marshall

Greg Heath

Paul & Coryn Hemsley

Colin Joudrie and Dawn Russell

Gordon Keep & Katherine Keep

Desmond Lee

Dr. William Pearson 

Roger & Lorna Smith

Frederick Young