Xin Sun

BA HIST 2016; BAH GNDS 2019; SXGD Certificate 2019

“My highlight of my time in GNDS had to be a creative project I submitted for GNDS 351-Gender, Dress and Fashion, where I created a tactile dress.

My GNDS degree helped me in so many ways.  I discovered my identities during my time at Queen’s and in GNDS - my identities as a racialized, disabled woman, and what it means to live with those marginalized identities.  My degree also taught me that I have a voice; and I used that voice to become a passionate and dedicated advocate. 

When I first began my disability and social justice activism work (while I was still studying), I had a lot of encouragements from several amazing GNDS faculty and staff, including many opportunities were given to me to tell my story through public speaking, to share my blogs with my fellow classmates, as well as with students from other GNDS classes. 

As I continue this very important work, I’m constantly being reminded the support I received both at Queen’s and in the department of GNDS.  I have loads of gratitude toward those that guided me through my journey, and made me a confident, bold and resilient activist and storyteller I am today.”