Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

Research in Gender Studies

Faculty Research

GNDS Faculty members are internationally recognized for their scholarship in the following areas:

  • Activism and Alliance Building
  • Anti-Colonial Thought
  • Anti-Racist Feminisms
  • Black Geographies
  • Black Women's History
  • Colonialisms
  • Creative Emancipatory Work
  • Critical History
  • Ethnography
  • Gender and Poverty
  • Globalization, Work and Social Justice
  • Health Care
  • Indigenous Feminism
  • Indigenous Health
  • Memory and Trauma
  • Popular Culture
  • Queer Studies
  • Transnationalism and Diaspora
  • Trans Studies


Other Research

The Department of Gender Studies is proud to house The Journal of Critical Race Inquiry, an open-access publication that supports inquiry into critical race issues.

The Queen’s Feminist Ethnography Network supports the study and practice of feminist ethnography and related modes of feminist social research. 

The Other Kingston Project.exists to develop academic and non-academic research and education projects that uncover and communicate the significance of the “other” Kingston