Why Gender Studies?

The undergraduate program in Gender Studies at Queen’s offers courses in feminist, anti-racist, Indigenous, postcolonial, queer, transgender, and social justice studies. Students learn about the histories of different forms of oppression, engage with popular culture, and critically analyze everyday events. From research papers and blogs, to presentations and creative productions, students work on meticulous research, clear and thoughtful writing, creative expression, and public speaking. Our courses span the arts and social sciences to produce a truly interdisciplinary program, one that prepares students for a broad range of careers.

Student experience

"As a Black teacher candidate in the Concurrent Education program, I'm very grateful to have completed my major in Gender Studies, as I plan to utilize what I have learned through my major to transform my future classrooms into accountable spaces. Spaces where I will prioritize anti-racist and anti-oppressive pedagogy, where I will teach students the importance of understanding their positionality so they are prepared for the post-secondary world."

Alyssa Vernon
Class of 2021

Top 5 Reasons to study Gender Studies:

  1. Embrace an intersectional approach to gender that explores and challenges racism, colonialism, (hetero)sexism, capitalism, ableism, and other systems of power.
  2. Gain transferable skills for the job market: writing, critical thinking, research, public speaking, and creative production.

  3. Explore how structures of power, privilege, and oppression shape current events and pop culture.

  4. Learn tools to advocate for systemic change in light of current social and political realities.

  5. Challenge the status quo and engage in social justice work both locally and globally.

What is Gender Studies?

What can I do with a GNDS degree?

Honeycomb shapes displaying career possibilities. The potential careers are listed in the text below.

A degree in Gender Studies can take your career in many directions. Many students choose to continue their academic inquiry with a Master’s degree. Our students are equipped with a strong foundation for careers in:

  • Advocacy Work and Activism
  • Communication and Journalism
  • Counselling
  • Curator
  • Education
  • EDII Advisement
  • Event Planning and Project Management
  • Government
  • Graduate and Professional School
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Labour Relations
  • Law
  • Library Science
  • Marketing
  • Non-governmental organization
  • Politics
  • Public Policy
  • Social Work

Taking time to explore career options, build experience and network can help you have a smooth transition to the world of work after graduation. Note: Some of these careers may require additional training.

"Gender Studies at Queen's has been many things to me over the last four years: a place of refuge and mentorship, the site of so much personal and academic growth, and a home. I'm so glad to be returning next year as an MA student. There is so much more for me to learn here and so many wonderful, radical people to learn with and from."

Danny McLaren
Class of 2021

"As a black woman at Queen's University, Gender studies went beyond the classroom for me. Rather than solely being an educational space, it was a place that provided me solace in periods of adversity. Being a Gender Studies student meant being in spaces that acknowledged my identity and thus my struggles. I was surrounded by teachers and students who understood the unfair ways society can often overlook BIPOC individuals, especially within chances for fair opportunities. Slowly, it became a home for me, a place to heal by using the mode of storytelling to share my experiences and find others who can relate or even listen as strong allies. Moreover, as I expand my education by pursuing a Master's degree in Public Administration, I thank Queen's for everything it has taught me. I plan to use my knowledge to provide equitable solutions that create a long-lasting difference in society. Using an intersectional lens, I will continuously use my knowledge to tackle and assist in the dismantling of many oppressive systems."

Chidera Ekeanyawu
Class of 2021